TOPFIT's Push Your Limits

“Push Your Limits” is TOPFIT’s toughest and most intense program yet. Focusing on general strength work combined with intense cardio exercises, this program features elite-level coaching designed to push your boundaries. Utilizing explosive exercises, bodyweight training and dynamic movements, this total body workout will push your strength, endurance and pain tolerance to the next level. 

Reap the Benefits 

This intense workout combines body weight, dynamic movements, and various equipment to burn fat and develop muscles you never knew you had.

Hyper strength, endurance and stamina

Intense hypertrophy training will lead to increased upper body strength. This is combined with non-stop cardio action to push you to train harder and for longer than ever before. 

Push boundaries for maximum burn and sweat

“Push Your Limits” features heart-pumping action and maximum sweat training. Designed to be one of the most intense cardio workouts, this program is programed to unleash the inner athlete in you.

Complete mind and body training

Training hard is training smart. This intense workout not only changes your body but also your mind, with elite coaching from experienced trainers.

 “Push Your Limits” program is capped at six individuals per class for maximum results.


Drop-In $300 $300
10 Sessions $280 $2,800
20 Sessions $260 $5,200
40 Sessions $240 $9,600

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