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Jan Quinlan


Jan Quinlan

Barre instructor

Born and raised in London, Jan moved to HK in 2014. With a background in Ballet, tap & Jazz, she started practicing Barre in 2017 and fell in love with how challenging and rewarding it felt. Fast forward a year, she became Barre certified and then NASM certified in 2020. 

After teaching Barre for 4 years, Jan launched The Barre Program in 2023. The Barre program combines her love of traditional barre but with a modern twist that heavily incorporates strength and resistance training to make it a highly targeted workout. 

Her goal is to be part of the clients journey and to help them find their own rhythm. She wants to build a community where clients can truly feel they belong. 

Expect an intense workout that will leave you walking out of class on a high!

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