TOPFIT's Leg Homicide

Many people tend to skip leg exercises and make excuses when it comes to adding squats to their workouts. Never again! Try our killer leg training classes that will make you fall in love with leg day.

For 45-60 gruelling minutes, we'll target all muscles on your legs with:

●       Hamstring exercises, focus on the muscles on the back of your thighs.

●       Calf workouts to train the muscles people often neglect.

●       Inner thigh workouts because no part gets neglected.

What Exercises Will You Do During Leg Homicide?

With free weights and the use of machines, you will undergo one of your most efficient leg workouts to date: deadlifts, front and back squats and weighted hip thrusts are just a few of the exercises included.

No two classes will be the same, expect different variations of leg exercises in each to ensure maximum muscle stimulation:

●       Giant sets - where we'll use four or more exercises to target one muscle group.

●       Pyramid sets - where you'll decrease the amount of weight you lift while increasing the number of reps.

Why You'll Love Leg Homicide

●       Aesthetics: Sculpt your legs and booty as you see fit with these thigh workouts.

●       Practicality: We'll prepare a leg workout plan for you with a promise that it'll work. You just have to come.
When you improve leg strength you gain so much more than appearance. With strong legs; you’ll:

●       Burn fat faster. Leg workouts are among the best fat-burning exercises as it can help improve your fat burning potential. 

●       Facilitate daily movement. With strong legs, you'll perform your daily movements with more ease. 

Reserve Your Spot!

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