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Grey Yoga Mats

Corporate Wellness Programme

TOPFIT provides classes and packages tailored for corporate clients!

promoting the incorporation of health and wellness as a core value within your company.


Enhance workplace performance with the numerous benefits of exercise. Research indicates that physical activity boosts energy levels, reduces stress, and enhances memory, among other advantages. Empower your team and maximize their productivity by enrolling in our corporate account!

Our Offerings

Customized corporate packages are available to provide your team with safe and efficient workout options. With a wide range of class types offered from 8:30am to 8:30pm, accommodating various work schedules, your employees can choose from an array of classes. Clients under the corporate package will have access to the following classes:

✅ Pilates (Reformer Group, Private)
✅ Barre Fit - Ballet Barre Workout
✅ Weight Training
✅ Self Posture Fix
✅ AbsFocus

Workshops & Event 

At TOPFIT Fitness Centre, we have fitness facilities that are perfect for holding workshops, team building sessions, and other corporate events. We offer a range of fitness classes and activities that can be customized to suit the needs of your employees. Our experienced trainers and instructors will help ensure that your team members get the most out of their fitness experience.

Collaborate with TOPFIT

Collaborate with TOPFIT Fitness Centre, the premier fitness destination in the area. We believe that our partnership can be mutually beneficial, as we offer various opportunities for corporate events and employee wellness programs.​

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