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Anastasia Tsiupa


Anastasia Tsiupa

Pilates instructor

Originally from Kiev, Ukraine. At the age of 16, started my modeling career, traveling around the world to the cities such as Tokyo, Hong Kong, Seoul, Shanghai, Tel Aviv, Berlin. and it became a full time job for the next 7 years .During this time I developed an interest in nutrition, fitness and overall well being. To understand better how the human body works, I was taking some Pilates classes and nutrition courses in Hong Kong. I loved the feeling after reformer Pilates, learning how to activate every muscle, connecting mind to the body and really see transformation of my body. That’s why I decided to get certified as Pilates instructor (mat work & reformer) and working in that field. 

In 2022 it became hard to stay away from family and I moved to Amsterdam, where I continued my work as a trainer for HIIT on the reformer , hot Pilates and Pilates yoga fusion. During that time  I also took nutrition courses to sharpen my skills in the fitness industry and help my clients reach their full potential. After coming back to Hong Kong I learned about Top Fit and I knew it would be begging of a great journey for me .

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