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Jeana Jiang


Jeana Jiang

Jazz Funk Basic Instructor

With more than 10 years of journey in the world of dance, I have found my passion and solace in movement from a very young age. Starting from Kpop dance in middle school, my natural inclination towards rhythm and expression led me to explore various dance styles, ultimately I discovered my true calling in jazz funk. With its fusion of jazz techniques and contemporary flair, jazz funk became my playground for creativity and self-expression in visualizing the music.

Over the years I’ve been dedicated to learning from different tutors in Hong Kong and other parts of the world, also performing on the stage and all kinds of dancing filming project, I have honed my skills in showcasing basics and empowering more individuals to experience the beauty of dance. With more than 2 years of teaching and tutoring, I enjoy inspiring my students to develop their unique style and master the basics of jazz funk. From absolutely beginners to intermediate levels, I always encourage all my students to feel confident and happy in my class, and truly enjoy expressing themselves through the movements.

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