TOPFIT's Strength and Conditioning

Do you dream of having a body that doesn't only look good, but also performs extremely well? Let us help shape you with that purpose in mind through these group sessions that comprise of:

Strength Training: 1st Half of the Class

We'll make sure you're doing full functional strength exercises that are great for sports and daily activities. Compound exercises give you tremendous gains without spending too much time at the gym. 

In our Strength and Conditioning classes you’ll perform: 

●       Deadlifts: often called the king of all exercises, they target your hamstrings, glutes, and lower back. 

●       Bent-over rows: performed with either a barbell or a pair of dumbells, they work on your back, shoulders.

●       Bench press: only a few exercises beat bench press when it comes to building upper body strength. This exercise works your chest and triceps.

Conditioning Training: 2nd Half of the Session

These conditioning workouts are aimed at increasing your agility & speed through high-intensity cardio exercises such as: 

●       Agility work: The ability to change direction at speed can be applied to most sports, so this is definitely one class you don’t want to miss. 

●       Sprints: These are excellent at improving power output and speed.. They may look easy, but they'll burn you out fast.

What's in It for Me?

Strength and Conditioning training has enormous benefits in improving your quality of life such as:

Increase in Strength and Endurance

Compound movements are designed to unlock the maximum potential of every single muscle in your body. Notice its immediate effect in real life and during your lifting sessions at the gym.

Fewer Risks of Injury

By training multiple joints at the same time, you'll strengthen them. That's right, our Strength and Conditioning workout is great for your bones and joints, which helps in injury prevention.

Improvement in Daily Mood

Strength and Conditioning program helps with all the small aches and pains you usually feel. We don't know about you, but all this makes us happy!

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