TOPFIT's Make Me an Athlete 2.0

Train as a well-rounded athlete with exercises designed to train multiple muscle groups at the same time:

●       Farmers walk: Carry the maximum amount of weight to train your strength & endurance further with this metabolic workout.

●       Battle rope pulls: Perform multiple variations to maximize the strength in your core, back, arms and legs.  

●       Unilateral movements: Perform multiple variations of single-leg/arm exercises, with the objective of getting equal strength on both sides of your body.


Plyometrics Training

A highly effective cardio workout which focuses on improving your explosiveness & power with:

●       Tuck jumps: Jump as high as possible while tucking your knees as close as possible to your stomach.

●       Box jumps: Jump & land on a box, then step back on the floor. Do the reverse.

●       Plyo push-ups: Perform a push-up and as you push back up, lift your hands off the floor.

This metabolic class works on your strength & power instead of focusing solely on increasing your heart rate. 


Benefits You'll Reap from This Cardio Training

1. Athletic Look

Achieve a lean & muscular look. This cardio program build muscles & burn fat efficiently. High-intensity training increases fat-burning hormones, but because we work on strength, you won't lose muscle mass.

2. Fewer Injuries

Have better control over your lower body at ground contact, better balance & a stronger core.

3. Healthy Heart and Lungs

Cardio exercises helps the heart to pump blood more efficiently & reduces the risk of heart-related diseases.

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