"LEG HOMicide"

Everyone is familiar with the saying "never skip leg day" and here at TF we make sure you won't be that guy/girl with the stick legs.

over the course of
 45-minute you will be put through a complete leg annihilation, targeting the quads, hamstrings, glutes and calves.

Supersets, giant-sets, drop and pyramid sets are all implemented to constantly keep your muscles stimulated;

this is definitely a class you will never forget.


The class will be split into two distinct halves, with the  first half (strength) involving  compound exercises, such as deadlifts, front & back squats,

bent over rows and bench press . The second half (
conditioning) will focus on speed, agility and balance training, all at high intensity.

Don't even think of showing up without your game face on as your body and mental fortitude  will be put to the test.

Train with us to give you that cutting edge over your opponent!

"Make me an athlete 2.0"

This class has it all, part strength training, part plyometrics  and part high intensity work.  Lifting, carrying, gripping, dragging, and pushing

movements happen on a daily basis and training with these different movements will make you and your body stronger and more durable.

 Farmers walks, rope and sandbag pulls, battle rope and loads of unilateral movements will all help you be the "baddest" in you squad.


Back by popular demand, this 45-minute session is designed to get your heart rate up in the shortest time possible. Short, intense bursts of

energy sapping movements with just enough rest-periods sprinkled in to get you to the end of the session. Both the upper and lower body

will get worked during this session - if you have what it takes, sign up today !


Our toughest and most intense workout session will put your strength, endurance, explosiveness and tolerance to the test.

Utilizing body weight training, full functional movements, and various equipments, this total mind and body endurance workout

will bring out your inner athlete. This is elite level training for a heart pounding and maximum sweat training experience,

pushing your boundaries to the next level.

"Curves ahead"

This female only class is dedicated to targeting the common problem areas of women: thighs, glutes, triceps, shoulders and back. 

Using tempo, time under tension and a variety of other training methods, we make sure to effectively work these muscles deep within,

changing the way you look and feel. Suitable for all ability levels, you will definitely leave each

session knowing you gave it your all and with a wealth of knowledge on how to effectively train these body parts.